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Weight of Teacher's Assessments

This option, usually set at 1, can be used to either "switch off" any assessments made by the teacher, to give them an equal weight as the student assessments, or give them more weight than the student assessments.

The normal value for this option is 1. This gives the teacher's assessments the same weight as student assessments.

There may arise circumstances when it is felt that the students are consistently "over grading" assessments, that is giving their peers too high a grade. The opposite may happen when the peer grading is too low (but that is more unusual). The poor grading by the students can be compensated, to a degree, by increasing the value of this option. Setting the value to 5, for example, means that if there are 5 student assessments of each submission, say, then the teacher's assessment has the same weight (in dropping suspect assessments and in determining the grade) as all 5 of the student assessments. Further in the analysis of assessments, student assessments which do not agree with that of the teacher are more likely to be dropped when this option is greater than one. The remaining assessments are closer to the teacher's grade thus giving even more weight to the teacher's assessment.

This option can be changed at any time during the assignment.

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